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 We are creators, dreamers, & doers.

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 We’re here for you!


We believe in making business fun.

We believe in only doing the things that bring you joy.

We believe that you can choose to live your best life through the vehicle of your business.

We believe that who you surround yourself with can foster the fuel to elevate.

We believe that owing your business does not have to be hard and overwhelming.


We believe that when you love the products and services you offer, the strategy to grow does not have to be complicated.

We believe that you get to choose how you run your business.

We believe that your brand should bring you to tears.

We believe that you belong in the room.

We believe that our community needs your business.


We believe that marketing does not have to be complicated, and when you are clear on your vision the marketing systems we can create are also not complicated.

We believe that success is measured and perceived differently by each person. Therefore, our programs are designed to meet your goals for success.

We believe that branding and marketing go beyond the logo. It is the relationships, the experience, and the journey you lead your business through that allows for success. It is our goal to marry these together with a seamless design and program development that connects your ideal clients to your business.

We believe that when you have the right brand assets for your business they deliver the pride & confidence necessary for your visibility–making marketing and sales activity fun & easy.

We are here to support, create, design, build and dream right alongside you. We know that your business is an extension of your life and we are proud to work collaboratively with you to develop the programs that reach your goals while matching your style.

We know what it takes & we believe in YOU!


 “we believe in your dream”

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Jodie Gallant, CEO

Strategy/Business Coach


Liane Clairmont

Director of Storytelling


Megan Buckner

Designer Extraordinaire