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The quickest way to connect your vision to a solid action plan for your success!


If you find yourself

  • with stagnant to little growth over the last 12-24 months

  • actively involved with every aspect of the business

  • with a vision that is not connected to an action plan

  • spending all your time working in your business and not on your business

    And you desire more in your business than what you have created, but you are not sure what to do next, and you feel that you’ve exhausted what you’ve already done and are feeling like everything is Just. Not. Working…

Connect Master Mind

Then keep on reading!

In order to create the business and life you desire, you have to get crystal clear on what you are striving for. Getting nitty-gritty on your vision and goals allows the clarity to develop the real action plan to, well… take action!

Business owners that become stagnant in growth, customers, and revenue are often focusing on the wrong things. You tend to try all sorts of different things, spread yourself thin, and find yourself working IN your business rather than ON your business.

We often lose track of who our customer really is, what they really want, and how & where to reach them. Many times, we are not even sure how to show up to make the sale when opportunities present themselves.



Jodie M Gallant, Business Coach, Connect Mastermind

Let me tell you how a program like this helped me.

Choosing to believe in my dreams and asking for help in connecting me to a new way of doing business, was one of the single best things that I’ve done to transform my business and my life.

Finding the right business coach, mentor, and community has opened the door for me to leverage the expertise, knowledge and networks of amazing people aligned with core values like mine.

The opportunity to lean into a community of like-minded growth dreamers like me has fast-tracked the way I am growing my business and myself!

After finding and connecting to this tribe of peers and a coach who I knew I could lean into, made me realize I wasn’t alone anymore, and this rippled through my business and my life. That mastermind has ultimately helped me create an internal and external support system that supports my desire to scale my business to help other business owners (YOU!) truly embrace their dreams to have a successful business too!

That is why I have created:


The Connect Mastermind Experience:

This is a 5-month deep dive into your business vision, goals, brand, and systems. A 1:1 mentor-ship experience coupled with group coaching, workshops, live events and a dedicated resource that will create the support you need to truly focus on your business growth, visibility, marketing, and lean in on the collective energy and knowledge of your peers.

As far as you have gotten today, imagine how far you will go with a committed support team.  

What comes with this 5 month experience?

Three (3) private 1:1 strategy sessions with Jodie to dig deep into your business to establish crystal clear goals you desire so that we can connect you to the right program, find the right resources, remove all unnecessary roadblocks, and ensure you are on the path to success. ($3,000 value)

1:1 Voxer support for real-time conversation and support in between strategy sessions so that you can lean in as necessary. ($2500+ value)

Ten (10) zoom group coaching calls (2x a month) and an exclusive online community for daily interaction with the other members of the group so that you can lean in on a consistent basis and learn from the collective knowledge. ($4500 value)

Five (5) Month access to the Connect Mastermind modules and worksheets in the member hub so that you can consistently gain clarity as your business evolves. ($2,500 value)

Bonus Teachings from industry thought leaders. ($2500+ value)

One (1) exclusive LIVE one-day marketing strategy workshop in NH’s Lakes Region, held in either March or September, with intimate training and guest experts designed to meet the needs of the current Connect Mastermind Members ($2000+ value)


Module Lessons Include:

Vision Casting • Goal Setting & Annual Strategy • Money Mindset & your business finances (guest trainer) • Branding beyond your logo • Branding, Developing your Story) • Identifying your ideal client and where to find them • Monetizing your services • Identifying Marketing Strategies aligned with your style • Sales Skills • Visibility • Social Marketing (guest trainer) • Email List Building and how to use

Added Bonus* Access to - Plan Like a CEO – complete strategic planning course with supporting worksheets


over $16,500 WORTH OF VALUE!

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I take this work very seriously…

and I am consistently working to create the content and build the resources necessary for my clients that best support them and their expansion.

My goal is that you walk away when you are ready backed by:

  • A bigger vision for your business.

  • Strategies for systems & processes--to ease the hustle and increase your success.

  • A customized action plan to create the exact business & life you want.

If you are interested in joining the Mastermind, please book a call with me. Let’s talk as I want to ensure this is the right fit for both of us!

Once we chat, ensure it’s the right fit and you are accepted into The Mastermind, we will then move forward with contract and payment.


Cost details and all questions will be answered in our discovery call process.