Top Sales Strategies

There’s no way around it; without sales, a business cannot succeed.  So, it should go without saying that establishing a good sales strategy is vital.  But establishing a sales strategy does not have to be so daunting. When you simply go back to your mission and your purpose, it creates the foundation for selling with ease.

Sales strategy goals

o   10% more customers

o   10% increased frequency

o   10% higher average transaction

 3 Key Sales Strategies Every Business Should Have

 1.       Visibility – NEW CUSTOMERS

 No business can wait to be discovered.  Have a digital presence, go to events, partner with others, engage in social media, traditional advertising, etc.  Do what feels good to you and suits your product or service.

2.       Upsell current customers and call them back to you

Stay in touch, build relationships, ask for feedback, experience, success etc. provide support in addition ways and upsell, call them back  A lot of money gets left on the table when you don’t tap into this group.

 3.       Referral Programs

The greatest compliment we can receive as a business owner is a referral.  Create and build programs to suggest recommendations.  Our customers can often sell our services better than us because they sell it with their story and when someone tells their story, they talk about their problem solved, their emotional connection, need, fulfillment etc. Then reward them.

StrategyJodie Gallant